Infinite Mana League S3: Open Qualifier

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Players: 60 / 64

Min. Prize Pool: 0.00 USD

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TL;DR: Tournament plays until the Round of 16. At which point, all 16 players are qualified along with the Top 16 players from MMR Season 1 into the 32-person Main Event.

To celebrate the end of the first MMR Ranking season, we decided to do something special for the Top 16 (as mentioned in our post at the start of the season), while also giving other competitors a chance to participate. The Main Event will comprise of the Top 16 from the MMR Leaderboard as well as the Top 16 from this Open Qualifier. Players who haven't already qualified into the Main Event are welcome to play in this Open Qualifier.

  • All cards allowed except for Mythic-rarity cards.

  • Bo3, must win with 2 gods. No deck registration.

  • The first round will be pre-seeded based on the Stack-Saints seeding formula.


Register at the top of this page by clicking the Enter Tournament button while the Registration period is active (starts Sep 15 until Sep 20, 2023). Registration is first-come, first-serve, and there will be a waitlist.

To be approved into the tournament, follow ALL of these rules:

  • You must join the Infinite Mana Discord Channel. This is required so that you can check-in to the tournament, schedule your matches, and be notified of any updates. View the tourney-read-me-first channel and react to the post to get access to all tournament channels.

  • Before the Registration period ends, you must add your Discord ID and GU Player ID to your profile

  • Immediately after the registration period ends, there will be a 23-hour check-in period. To check-in, You must join the Infinite Mana Discord Channel and click the check-in link when it appears.

  • Failure to follow all the rules above will disqualify your entry and waitlisted entries will take your spot instead.


📜 Our full Ruleset can be found here, including information about how we arbitrate in case of a disconnect or no-show, and so on.

Please make an effort to reach out to your opponent and play your games before the end of the round, otherwise tourney admins may rule your matchup a forfeit.

  • During the tournament, any player disputes must be brought up before the end of the round or else the result will stand as-is.

  • The tournament organizers are [8M] saints (Discord: saintsintosea) and Vesper (Discord: vsprx), the latter will act as both a tournament organizer and a community judge in the case of a conflict with an 8M member.


The registration period begins on September 15th and ends on September 20nd, 2023. The check-in period will commence immediately afterward until 1 hour prior to the start of Round 1.

All times are in UTC time. During each round, you have 72 hours to schedule and play your match against your opponent.

Round of 64 starts September 21, 12:01pm

Round of 32 starts September 25, 12:01pm

Tournament ends at the Round of 16 September 30, 12:00pm

Players who advance from the Round of 32 make it into the Main Event and will be given a few days to submit decklists. The Main Event will play from October 2 to October 8.


The Top 16 players of this tournament will qualify into the Main Event to play for the prizes listed below. This tournament concludes after the Round of 32 and then the Main Event will begin.

Main Event Prize Pool:

Superpower Gaming is sponsoring the USDC prize pool. Superpower is a gaming consultancy that helps studios make their games more fun (they're also hiring pro/competitive gamers!)

1st Place: $250

2nd Place: $175

3rd Place: $125

4th Place: $85

5th-8th Place: $40 each

9th-16th Place: $15 each

If you qualify for a prize, please have your IMX L2 address filled out in your profile to be able to claim rewards.



Just for simply being an active participant (i.e. you checked in and did not go AFK and miss a tournament round), you will be entered into a raffle to earn $15 USDC (4 winners will be drawn). Players who qualify into the Main Event are not eligible for this raffle.


CopperPitch and crew will be casting the Semifinals and Finals of this event, where we will be raffling off shiny cards, sponsored by community legend, Stronghands! Stay tuned for details.


Place Prize (USD) Name Team