MMR Leaderboard Season 1

Important info about Rewards

[8M] saints
Infinite Mana Team Manager
June 01, 2023

After a month in Beta our MMR Leaderboard is about to go live on June 1st (Midnight UTC) and will last for 3 months, until the end of August. We're fairly confident we've adapted our ratings to fit GU's unique matchmaking model so that the MMR Leaderboard is as fair and accurate as we can make it. Hopefully we've succeeded (although it will take some time for the games to come in and really see the model working!).

Major Changes:

If you don't care about the nerd stuff, skip this section because there's a much more important announcement below.

One major update we made between the Beta Season and Season 1 was that your GU rank (i.e. Mythic, Solar Gold, etc.) after your first game of the season will directly impact your starting rating on the MMR Leaderboard. This was done because otherwise those who are of Mythic quality, but happen to start the season in Impact Meteorite for instance, are granted easier opponents by the GU Matchmaking system. This means that a lower-ranked player's ascension to the top of the MMR Leaderboard would be easier than a Mythic-ranked player's, and we don't want to incentivize deranking.

Here's the chart of ranks and the rating you'll start with:

Rank Starting Rating
1 700
2 750
3 800
4 850
5 925
6 1025
7 1125
8 1225
9 1300
10 1375
11 1450
12 (Mythic) 1500

We also made some slight nerfs to how important your first handful of games are in determining your rating movement.

So about those prizes/rewards...

In our original announcement, I wanted to add additional incentives to the MMR Leaderboard. After all, while "Play & hear the lament of our enemies" (P&HTLOOE) is catchy, Play and Earn (P&E) is also a core Gods Unchained feature. For instance, maybe the top X players on the MMR Leaderboard are allowed to participate in an invite-only tournament for cold hard cash. This way, people would have something to compete for during the weekdays, not just the weekends, and possibly for more than set packs.

But there's a lot that goes into tournaments. A lot of people, passion, and of course, money, needs to come together to put on a worthwhile event. After consulting our team, staff, and potential sponsors, we felt like we couldn't in all honesty announce a compelling-enough tournament today, so we're going to push it back a bit.

I know there is some shared community trauma about promised tournaments in the GU world, but hear me out:

First off, I think it's likely we could arrange sponsorship and logistics for a tournament within a month. But at that point, a third of the Season will have elapsed. When we announce a tournament, I want everyone to be able to start on near-equal footing, and not penalize people who decided to meme in June. Now, I'm open to changing my mind if something drastic changes within the next 48 hours or so, but I'm not counting on it.

Second, I think there's also room for error with our current rating system and doing a full-fledged season with minimal consequences really helps us iron out the issues (or even allow us to find out no one actually cares about the MMR Leaderboard!).

So we're going to announce an IOU to the Top 16 of Season 1. I don't know what it is yet, and maybe 16 is too few or too many, IDK, but we'll try our best to make the Top 16 worth competing for, potentially with an announcement mid-season. Maybe it'll be a cool tournament invite along with Season 2 leaders, or automatic berth deep into a major 8M tournament, or a respectable sum of $GODS or $USDC tokens, we're not sure yet, hence the delay, but we won't leave you out to dry.

So what should you do?

First of all, if you're not already a member on, you should sign up. Doing so will also optionally allow you to claim your GU account on the site, allowing you to show up on the leaderboard (and our other rankings lists) as your preferred display name and not the ??? you might be using in-game. Additionally, due to the nature of the potential prizing, an account is required for us to communicate you your prizes, so if you have any ambition of placing in the Top 16, sign up for an account between now and September.

As for playing Gods Unchained, well, you can either choose to continue memeing or ignoring GU during the weekdays, or you can decide to try-hard. Sure it might not be as fun, maybe it'll hurt your DP2E or your flux generation, but for those who gravitate to a Leaderboard like moths to a faeflame, perhaps the Infinite Mana MMR Leaderboard is your chance to put your stamp on the GU community. I guess we'll find out in 3 months.

Miscellaneous FAQ

  • Is this just another way to glorify those filthy P2W players?

So far, the data says otherwise. In our current Beta Season, the Top 10 includes four F2P to F2P-ish players. Rank #3 (863-604) maining a $230 deck, Rank #6 (472-264) maining a $15 deck, Rank #8 (348-230) maining a $27 deck, and Rank #10 (278-182) maining a $168 deck.

The formula makes some changes for Season 1, but generally, the way we've hopefully tuned the formula is such that if you're a winning player, you should benefit from playing more games, not less. Obviously, the more you win, the better, but we never want to incentivize a situation where a high-rated player wants to "camp" their rating. As long as they think they can do better than a 50% winrate, they should feel incentivized to keep playing.

  • Why are you doing this? What is the algorithm primarily based on?

Read our initial announcement here.

  • Where can I chat with other competitive GU players in a well-moderated environment?

Ok this one isn't frequently asked but we have a pretty great GU community at our Infinite Mana Discord.

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