How Stack-Saints seeding works

Gods Unchained tournaments, like the Infinite Mana League, can be seeded by a formula created by [FF] Stack15 and [8M] saints that takes into account Weekend Ranked and past tournament performance. You can see the current Top Rankings here.

Phase 1 Formula (Top Mythic Players)

The Stack-Saints seeding formula assigns players Seed Points from three different categories: The Top 300 in MMR Rankings, Top 300 in Power Rankings, and the Top 300 in All-time Earners.

Players who qualify for over 500 Seed Points are tallied into their own elite tier to more accurately represent the best seeds.

The more Seed Points you have, the better (i.e. lower) your seed in the tournament.

MMR Rankings

Based on your MMR Rank, you will receive (301 - Rank) seed points. So if you're the #1 MMR Rank, you'll receive 300 Seed Points, and if you're 300th, you'll receive 1 Seed Point.

Power Rankings

Based on your Power Rank, you will receive 301 - Rank Seed Points. So if you're the #1 Power Rank, you'll receive 300 Seed Points, and if you're 300th, you'll receive 1 Seed Point.

All-time Earnings

For the top 25 spots on the All-time Earnings list, players will earn 301 - Rank seed points. So if you're the #1 All-time Earner, you'll receive 300 points, and if you're the 25th, you'll receive 276 points.

Ranks 26-50 will be assigned Seed Points reduced by 1.6% per rank. In other words, the rank 26 All-time Earner would assigned 98.4% of the corresponding Power Rank position, or 275 * 0.984 = 270.6 Seed Points. Using this same descending weight, the rank 50 All-time Earner would be assigned 150.6 Seed Points.

For ranks 51 to 100, this process is repeated but the weight decreases by 0.8% per position.

For ranks 101 and above, they will simply earn 20% of the corresponding Power Rank value, or in other words, (301 - Rank) * 0.20.

Elite Tier/Elite Seed Points

Top players will easily acquire hundreds of Seed Points when combining the 3 categories above. If a player obtains over 500 points they will be separately categorized in the Elite Tier, the best seeds in the tournament.

Players who are in the top 1-3 of the Power Rankings or All-time Earnings will also be given an automatic berth into the Elite Tier assuming their Seed Point total doesn't already qualify them.
Players slotted into the Elite Tier will comprise of the best seeds in the tournament, but to differentiate between them, they will each be assigned Elite Seed Points for the following:

5 Elite Seed Points for every rank 1-5 in any of the 3 categories above (MMR, Power, All-time Earnings)

4 Points for every rank 6-10

3 Points for every rank 11-20

2 Points for every rank 21-50

1 Point for every rank 51-100

In other words, a player who is 7th in Power Rank (4 ESP), 11th in MMR (3 ESP), and 4th (5 ESP) in All-time Earnings will be assigned 12 Elite Seed Points.

The more Elite Seed Points you have, the better your final seed. In the case of tie-breakers, the formula falls back to the original Seed Point calculation before the 500-point cap is applied.

Phase 2 Formula (Average/Low Mythic Players)

Players who were not captured by the criteria in Phase 1 are sorted in Phase 2, who will also receive Seed Points, but will always seed worse than those who already belong to Phase 1.

Phase 1's formula is repeated for ranks 301 to 750 for each list: Power Rankings rank 301 will be assigned worth 450 Seed Points and each subsequent spot worth one less Seed Point. Tournament Rankings will be worth 20% of their corresponding Power Rank.

There is no Elite Tier for Phases 2 and 3.

If any tie-breakers are necessary and a tie-breaker has not already been specified, then we will use GU player ID, with the better seed going to the lower ID.

Phase 3 Formula (Non-Mythic Players)

Players will be sorted by their current GU Ranked Constructed ranking group, 1-7, 8-9, 10-11, and 12 (Mythic), and then their winrate. Players who have entries in multiple ranking groups are only considered in their highest group. They will always seed worse than those in Phase 2.

Tiebreakers: Number of events completed in the player's highest ranking group, then by GU player ID.

Anyone not assigned a seed via Phase 1, 2, or 3 may be manually seeded within the Phase 3 group by the tournament organizers.


What can I do with my Seed Points/Elite Seed Points?

Once they've been used to seed the tournament, they're worthless (except for bragging rights).

What is the point of this? Isn't this unnecessarily thorough?

To have a fair seeding system for GU tournaments that best utilizes Infinite Mana's competitive data. There will always be someone who invariably believes that the seeding was unfair or rigged, so we wanted to make our formula transparent.

Can I use the Stack-Saints seeding formula for my own tournaments?

We want the formula to be used to ensure fair GU tournaments, so you are free to apply our methodology. But if you'd like us to do the actual sorting for you, that process can be time-consuming and error-prone depending on your dataset, for that reason, we may ask for additional compensation.