Infinite Mana League S2: The Big Swiss

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Players: 192 / 226

Decks: 6

Min. Prize Pool: 5000.00 USD

Sponsored by Gods Unchained,, and AQUA for the Gods Unchained Community Clash.

Championship Phase Brackets


TL;DR: Only Mythic cards are banned. Swiss phase is Bo3, non-submitted decklists. Championship phase is submit 6 decks, ban 1, Bo5.

This tournament will have two phases, an 8-round Swiss tournament and then a single-elimination bracket for the top 8 of the Swiss phase.

1️⃣ Phase 1, Swiss Qualifiers: Best of 3. Each player must win with two different gods to win the round. You will not be submitting decklists for this phase.

Every Swiss round, players with the same score (i.e. 1-0 or 0-1) will face each other.

⚠️⚠️ This means that if you lose your first round, you're STILL in the tournament! No one is eliminated until all eight Swiss rounds end! Players are encouraged to play all eight rounds of the Swiss phase because the Top 32 best records get prizes. ⚠️⚠️

After eight Swiss rounds, the Top 8 placements will advance into a single-elimination championship bracket to play for the 1st to 8th place prizes. Placements 9th to 32nd all get paid according to the prize table below.

2️⃣ Phase 2, Championship Rounds: Best of 5, ban 1 God. Single-elimination bracket seeded based on Swiss placements. Pre-register 1 deck from each God (more instructions on that later). In each matchup, both players will use our Discord ban bot to ban a God; their opponent may not use that God in the matchup.

A quick word on Swiss: We believe it's the format that most reasonably reduces variance (i.e. luck or RNG) while ensuring every player gets to participate meaningfully. How does Swiss work?

More info about how we score Swiss rounds/tie-breaks

More info about Banning Gods (Championship Phase only)


📜 Our full Ruleset can be found here, including information about how we score Swiss, arbitrate in case of a disconnect or no-show, and so on.

  • Register at the top of this page by clicking the Enter Tournament button while the Registration period is active (starts Aug 16 until Aug 19, 2022).

  • Due to the Swiss format, we require participants to be reliably available throughout the duration of the tournament. Please don't register if you won't be available to play most if not all of your rounds.

To be approved into the tournament, follow ALL of these rules:

  • You must join the E1337 Discord Channel. This is required so that you can check-in to the tournament, schedule your matches, and be notified of any updates. Read the #tourney-basics channel under the Gods Unchained category for more details. Please make an effort to play your games otherwise tourney admins may rule your matchup a forfeit.

  • Before the Registration period ends, you must add your Discord ID and GU Player ID to your profile

  • Immediately after the registration period ends, there will be a 23-hour check-in period. To check-in, **You must join the E1337 Discord Channel and click the check-in link when it appears.

  • Failure to follow all the rules above will disqualify your entry and waitlisted entries will take your spot instead.

  • During the tournament, any player disputes must be brought up before the end of the round or else the result will stand as-is.

  • The tournament organizers are [8M] saints (saintsintosea#9137) and [8M] Fastexe (Fastexe#9663). Vesper (Vesper#3237) will act as both a tournament organizer and a community judge in the case of a conflict with an 8M member.


The registration period begins on August 16th and ends on August 19th, 2022. The check-in period will commence immediately afterward until 1 hour prior to the start of Round 1.

All times are in UTC time. During each round, you have between 48 to 72 hours (less time in later rounds) to schedule and play your match against your opponent.

Swiss Round 1 starts August 20, 12:01pm (3-day round)

Swiss Round 2 starts August 23, 12:01pm (3-day round)

Swiss Round 3 starts August 26, 12:01pm (3-day round)

Swiss Round 4 starts August 29, 12:01pm (2-day rounds start now)

Swiss Round 5 starts August 31, 12:01pm (2-day round)

Swiss Round 6 starts September 2, 12:01pm (2-day round)

Swiss Round 7 starts September 4, 12:01pm (2-day round)

Swiss Round 8 starts September 6, 12:01pm (2-day round)

Championship Quarterfinals September 8, 12:01pm

Semifinals/Finals: September 10, 5pm


Gods Unchained,, and AQUA is sponsoring the prize pool which will consist of USDC, GODS, and pack prizes to the top 32.

💰💰 Click here for the Prize Distribution 💰💰

Over $5,000 in cash/token value and $6,000 in pack value is up for grabs!

Players who qualify into the Top 8 will be seeded into the Championship phase. The Top 8 prize distributions will be based on the results of the Championship phase, and not the Swiss phase (i.e. you could have placed 1st in Swiss but were eliminated in the Round of 8 in the Championship phase, resulting in being paid the 5th-8th place prize).

If you qualify for a prize, please have your IMX L2 address filled out in your profile to be able to claim rewards.



Swiss tournaments have a challenge in that some players may mistakenly think they don't have a chance at winning a prize just because they lost their first few matches, and will subsequently no longer show up to future rounds, leading to a poor experience for those who do show up. Players who complete all 8 Swiss rounds will be entered into a raffle.

Completionist Raffle Prize: $25 USDC raffled six times to six different winners.


Want your games casted by [8M] CopperPitch? Record your VODs and submit them to the VOD channel in our Discord and for each round you submit, you will acquire a raffle ticket!

VOD Submitter Raffle Prize: $25 USDC raffled six times to six different winners



Place Prize (USD) Name Team Decks
1st $1,344 Vlozkill 🇫🇷
2nd $820 [8M] Fastexe 🇻🇦
3rd $442
[8M] Nackarub 🇦🇺
4th $338 [8M] VilliBesti 🇮🇸
5th-8th $169 [NVS] Fayt 🇬🇧
5th-8th $169 Valdiz | KAG 🇭🇺
5th-8th $169 Swallie 🇩🇪
5th-8th $169 [8M] Sifu 🇩🇰
9th-16th $70
[NVS] clecle 🇫🇷
9th-16th $70 [8M] hpain 🇺🇸
9th-16th $70 [8M] SamBam 🇺🇸
9th-16th $70 lordcru||Perion 🇨🇦
9th-16th $70 [Syn] Zero 🇦🇺
9th-16th $70 EPAM.grade 🇧🇾
9th-16th $70 [8M] Wezz 🇳🇱
9th-16th $70 DeVoTeD 🇨🇦
17th-32nd $40 Dragonstorm 🇫🇷
17th-32nd $40 [8M] Fakemews 🇺🇸
17th-32nd $40
Anumath 🇩🇪
17th-32nd $40
TeaTime 🇺🇸
17th-32nd $40 Gerold 🇦🇹
17th-32nd $40 Pr_Tomo 🇱🇻
17th-32nd $40 Mepo 🇮🇹
17th-32nd $40 [NVS] vampus 🇨🇦
17th-32nd $40
Lexotan | Xborg 🏳
17th-32nd $40
JKAN || Perion 🏳
17th-32nd $40 [ph]pbomb 🇵🇭
17th-32nd $40
Wispsi 🏳
17th-32nd $40
yyl 🇹🇷
17th-32nd $40 Spencer 🏳
17th-32nd $40
MightyUncle 🏳
17th-32nd $40 [8M] Clutch 🇺🇸