Endless Falls: Sartonian Qualifier (APAC)

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Players: 64 / 128

Min. Prize Pool: 0.00 USD

Update: Your three finalist qualifiers are:

  1. Strayace
  2. TheProfesserf
  3. Teatime


TL;DR: Draka and Sartonians compete amongst themselves in a qualifier to find the 6 strongest from each faction. The top 6 from each side face off in a livestreamed Final Showdown!

Single-Elimination brackets among four qualifiers:

  • Draka APAC

  • Draka EMEA

  • Sartonian Apac (the one you're viewing now)

  • Sartonian EMEA

We've split each faction's qualifier into APAC/EMEA to allow as many people to participate. The Top 3 from each qualifier move onto the Final Showdown between Draka and Sartonia. Each of the 6 finalists will represent one God and whoever earns more wins (with a tiebreaker) is declared the winning faction!


  • Only sign up for the faction you've chosen in-client (Draka or Sartonian), we'll be checking!

  • Only sign up for one regional qualifier: APAC qualifiers start at 11pm UTC (6pm Eastern) each day. EMEA qualifiers start at 5pm UTC (12pm Eastern) each day.

  • Regardless of which region you pick, you're expected to show up on time and start your games on time. You must be in Gods Unchained Discord to schedule your games.

  • All cards are allowed except for Mythic cards, Admiral Mayday, and Illusionist Outlaw. There are no deck restrictions otherwise (you can use a Draka deck in the Sartonian qualifiers and vice versa).

  • 24 hours after the registration period ends, there will be a mandatory check-in period. To check-in, you must join the Gods Unchained Discord and click the check-in link when it appears. Claim the tournament role in the #roles channel so you don't miss any announcements.

  • Also follow the registration rules below to ensure you've signed up correctly.


Register at the top of this page by clicking the Enter Tournament button while the Registration period is active (starts Nov 27 until Dec 3, 2023). Registration is first-come, first-serve, and there will be a waitlist.

To be approved into the tournament, follow ALL of these rules:

  • Add your Discord ID to your infinitemana.gg profile.

  • Add your GU ID to your infinitemana.gg profile.

  • Repeating this again: Head to the #roles channel in Gods Unchained Discord and react to the message to receive tournament updates as an 'attendee'.

  • 24 hours after the registration period ends, there will be a mandatory check-in period. To check-in, you must join the GU Discord and click the check-in link when it appears.


📜 Our full Ruleset can be found here, including information about how we arbitrate in case of a disconnect or no-show, and so on.

Please make an effort to reach out to your opponent and play your games before the end of the round, otherwise tourney admins may rule your matchup a forfeit.

Pay close attention to announcements and rules mentioned in the relevant tourney channels in the GU Discord!

  • During the tournament, any player disputes must be brought up before the end of the round or else the result will stand as-is.

  • The tournament organizers are [8M] FakeMews (Discord: fakemewstv, APAC admin), Vesper (Discord: vsprx, EMEA admin), and [8M] saints (Discord: saintsintosea).

  • The first round will be pre-seeded based on the Stack-Saints seeding formula.


The registration period begins on November 27th and ends on December 3rd, 2023. The check-in period will commence immediately afterward until 1 hour prior to the start of Round 1.

All times are in UTC time.

Round of 128-32 (Bo1) starts December 5, 11:00pm

- All players are expectd to show up at the time above and play until the Ro32 finishes. All matches on this day will be a Best-of-1.

Round of 16 (Bo3) starts December 6, 11:00pm

Round of 8 (Bo3) starts December 7, 11:00pm

Round of 4 (Bo3) starts December 8, 11:00pm

- This is a "Semi-final" bracket in which the two winners of the Ro4 automatically place into the Final Showdown. The two players who lost will play a Bo3 to determine the final winner of the qualifier. Four enter, three qualify!

Final Showdown starts December 9, 5:00pm


Placement Crystal Booster Packs Crystal Super Booster Packs
Ro128 2 0
Ro64 6 1
Ro32 8 2
Ro16 10 2
Ro8 16 4
4th Place 24 12
Finalist (Losing Faction) 24 16
Finalist (Winning Faction) 24 20

(NOTE: You'll need to successfully play at least one round to be eligible for prizes. Those who don't check-in or report for their first match are automatically disqualified from the tournament. Read the "How to avoid disqualification" section above.)



CopperPitch and SamBam will be casting the Final Showdown of this event, where we will be raffling off packs!


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