2022 Player of the Year Invitational

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Players: 16 / 16

Decks: 4

Min. Prize Pool: 2000.00 USD

The 2022 Player of the Year Invitational is an exclusive tournament where the best tournament players of 2022 compete for the ultimate bragging rights. $2,000 in prizes are at stake in this competitive showdown. Hosted by team Infinite Mana, sponsored by AQUA.xyz.

Format: Bo5 Conquest. Register 4 decks, ban 1. Single Elimination

Prizes (USDC):

1st: $1,000 + bragging rights for the rest of the year

2nd: $500

3rd: $300

4th: $100

5th-8th: $25

Round and Stream Schedule:

Jan 1st-7th: Submit your 4 decks, failure to do so by the deadline will result in match losses and/or disqualification. All times below are in UTC.

Jan 7th 00:01: All submitted decks revealed publicly. Ro16 may start informally.

Jan 9th 00:01: Ro16 officially starts (and ends Jan 10th 23:59)

Jan 11th 00:01: Ro8 officially starts (and ends Jan 12th 23:59)

Jan 11th 17:00: STREAM: Ro16 VODs are casted on Twitch

Jan 13th 17:00: STREAM: Ro8 VODs are casted on Twitch

Jan 14th 17:00: STREAM: Semi-finals are played and casted LIVE on Twitch

Jan 15th 17:00: STREAM: Finals are played and casted LIVE on Twitch

Twitch Stream - Follow InfiniteMana_gu on Twitch so you don't miss the action!

Rules and God Banning:

Click here for our tournament ruleset. Here's a refresher on how to God Ban.

  • Players must be in the E1337 Discord (required in order to use the God Ban bot).

  • Players must record their game perspective for the Ro16 and Ro8. The Semi-finals and Finals will be hosted live, where players are expected to stream their perspective on Twitch via a delay. If you expect problems adhering to these rules, please contact saints as soon as possible.

  • The tournament admins are: Vesper (Vesper#3237), Valdiz (Valdiz#3607), and saints (saintsintosea#9137).

Player List:

(These are pre-seeded according to 2022 prize earnings. 1st will play 16th, 2nd will play 15th, and so on for Round 1).

Seed Player 2022 Tournament Earnings* 2022 Major Accolades
1 [8M] VilliBesti $5,405 1st BFTL EMEA, 4th 8ML S2, 2nd CUJO Love-a-Bowl, 2nd APES x CUJO
2 [8M] FakeMews $4,566 1st P2E #3, 1st GUStakes Finale, 3rd P2E Finale
3 [8M] HPain $4,098 1st BFTL APAC, 3rd P2E #6, 4th GUStakes CUJO
4 [8M] SamBam $4,042 1st P2E Finale, 4th BFTL APAC, 4th P2E #6
5 iceysquid $2,972 1st YOTG #3, 2nd P2E #4, 2nd P2E #5, 2nd BFTL APAC
6 [8M] Fastexe $2,760 1st P2E #4, 2nd 8ML S2, 3rd CUJO Love-a-Bowl
7 Anti91 KAG $2,297 1st P2E #6, 2nd P2E Finale
8 [8M] Nackarub $1,817 3rd BFTL APAC, 3rd 8ML S2, 3rd P2E #1
9 Swallie $1,567 1st GUStakes NVS, 3rd P2E #3, 3rd APES vs CUJO
10 JKAN Perion $1,388 3rd GUStakes Unistix, 2nd P2E #6, 3rd YOTG #4
11 DeVoTeD $1,355 2nd GUStakes Wispsi, 4th P2E #5, 3rd YOTG #5, 1st YOTG #4, 2nd YOTG #3
12 [tst]cautionfun $1,074 3rd 8ML S1, 3rd GUStakes CUJO, 4th GUStakes NVS
13 standinkao $1,027 1st APES x CUJO, 3rd P2E #5
14 mepo Perion $999 2nd GUStakes NVS, 2nd YOTG #4, 2nd P2E #3
15 Fayt $950 1st P2E #1, Top 8 8ML S2
16 Clutch $500 2021 PotY, Top 8 8ML S1
  • Tournament earnings exclude pack prizes/NFTs and use the USD value of crypto token payouts at the time the tournament concluded.


Place Prize (USD) Name Team Decks
1st $1,000 [tst]cautionfun πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ
2nd $500
JKAN || Perion 🏳
3rd $300 [8M] Clutch πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ
4th $100 [8M] hpain πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ
5th-8th $25
[8M] Nackarub πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί
5th-8th $25 Kao | UPO πŸ‡»πŸ‡³
5th-8th $25 [8M] Fakemews πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ
5th-8th $25 [8M] Fastexe πŸ‡»πŸ‡¦