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Schoolteacher OTK Pilot's Guide

The fastest combo deck in Gods Unchained

[8M] Hpain

Jun 19, 2023

Control Nature Pilot's Guide

Sifu teaches you how to pilot this healing juggernaut to stop aggro decks cold.

[8M] Sifu

Jan 31, 2023

Control War Pilot's Guide

Sifu walks you through GU's most meta-and-wallet-impacting deck of all time.

[8M] Sifu

Jan 03, 2023

Card Draw Magic Pilot's Guide

FakeMews helps you learn how to pilot the trickiest Magic aggro archetype available.

[8M] FakeMews

Jan 03, 2023

Top Budget Decks for Each God

Winning Decks at a $20-$60 budget

[8M] Hpain

Nov 23, 2022

The Art of Hidden Rush: Pilot's Guide

FakeMews, the most notorious Hidden Rush player in GU, teaches you all of his tricks.

[8M] FakeMews

Oct 17, 2022

Rockdrake Over the Line Pilot's Guide

The hardest hitting combo is broken down piece-by-piece by combo master Hpain.

[8M] Hpain

Oct 18, 2022