Nature Starter Deck Mirror

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This tournament was not originally hosted on Infinite Mana and the information presented might be inaccurate. If you were the tournament owner, get in touch if you'd like to make changes.

Decks: 1

Min. Prize Pool: 1258.00 USD

Over $6000 in prizes

Top 32 payout

$200 in BNB

$500 cash

1280 gods

228 Expansion Rare Packs

122 Expansion Epic Packs

92 Expansion Legendary Packs

6 Expansion Shiny Packs

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Tournament Rules

Important Notes

Please read all! I get a lot of the same questions that are answered here.

If registration is full, register on the waiting list. The players that check in on the waiting list will take the place of players who haven't checked in.


  1. After creating an account, click Join Tournament above.

  2. Then Gods Unchained Starter Deck Tournaments Discord. We'll be coordinating matches in the #chat-here channel and assisting players. ShutTheCHUCKup#7523 is the main admin to message with any questions.

  3. Lastly, head to your Account Settings and add your GAME NAME username in the 'Platform Links' tab. This will make it much easier to challenge your opponent the day of the tournament when we check into the Discord.

Tournament Format

🎮 Tournament instructions


  1. Find out who you are matched up with on the bracket.

  2. Message them on discord or through the bracket and coordinate a time to play.

  3. Both players are using the same deck and god power. See below for which deck and god power.

  4. Use a code you both decide to set up 1v1

  5. Play best out of 3 rounds

  6. Return to this site to report match results.

  7. Look for your next opponent on the bracket


Each round you and your opponent are going to use the same starter deck for the best 2 out of 3 games. Then report score and move on to the next opponent.

If for some reason your starters are not intact, starter deck codes are posted in the discord channel. No substitutions

All rounds played with Nature starter, god power Selena's mark. Deal 1 damage to a random enemy creature and heal your god for 1.

Best of 3 Matches.

🎮 Schedule

When tournament starts, you will have 24 hours to finish best out of 3 matches with your first opponent. At that point you can find your next opponent and play ahead if they are ready or set up time the next day. You will get 24 hours for each round. Final 4 have 48 hours to play for each round. If your opponent fails to show up or disappears, please contact me on discord. ShutTheCHUCKup#7523

Single Elimination Bracket.

Start Time: June 27th at 8 am EST.

Reach out to me on discord with any questions. ShutTheCHUCKup#7523


Place Prize (USD) Name Team Decks
1st $522 [8M] Fakemews 🇺🇸
2nd $320
RogerKrog 🇺🇦
3rd $156 forward
4th $54
Malfurion 🇷🇺
5th-8th $18 Spencer 🏳
5th-8th $18 sasukeref
5th-8th $18 Mandafaca 🇵🇹
5th-8th $18
Disreputable 🇦🇺
9th-16th $9 Spencer 🏳
9th-16th $9
Xmaster 🇻🇳
9th-16th $9 Vlozkill 🇫🇷
9th-16th $9 Geppets
9th-16th $9 ENERUBP3
9th-16th $9 Ashkandar
9th-16th $9 damoniano
9th-16th $9 NikoBCN
17th-32nd $5 Bela 🇪🇸
17th-32nd $5 alucard666
17th-32nd $5 GUteam
17th-32nd $5 [8M] revan 🇸🇬
17th-32nd $5 HyperNinja
17th-32nd $5 Lasteph
17th-32nd $5 Criton4
17th-32nd $5 Mr. Xiaolong 🇮🇹
17th-32nd $5 Emrakul
17th-32nd $5 ra2
17th-32nd $5 MisterM
17th-32nd $5 [NVS] Fayt 🇬🇧
17th-32nd $5
[CUJO] Flexrifle 🇺🇸
17th-32nd $5
TsiMaN 🇫🇷
17th-32nd $5 Lightxus
17th-32nd $5