Clash of Mortals #2: Divine Judgement

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This tournament was not originally hosted on Infinite Mana and the information presented might be inaccurate. If you were the tournament owner, get in touch if you'd like to make changes.

Min. Prize Pool: 800.00 USD

Finals Live Stream

Sunday December 19th - 10am PST | 1pm EST | 7pm CET on

Co-Casting with: BlackGaston

Organizing through the MetaMoon.GG Discord


🎮 Format

Best of 3 Matches. The finals Best of 5. One win per God.

Single Elimination Bracket.

You will have the duration of the round to schedule games and play your best of 3 against your opponent. Round lengths listed below.

Legal Sets ✔️- Welcome and Divine Order

CARD RESTRICTIONS ❗ - No Core, No Genesis, No Trial of the Gods, No Etherbots, No Promos, No Mythics. Players found with Restricted Cards in their deck lists will GAME FORFEIT

🌱 Seeding

Seeding is going to be handled by taking your ranking from the Weekend Ranked Event of 12/10-12/12. Only the top 128 players will be granted entry from the current registered and waitlist combined.

📅 Schedule

Check-in: December 13th 12pm-12am PST

Rounds will begin at 12am PST

Round of 128: December 14th-15th

Round of 64: December 16th-17th

Round of 32: December 18th

Finals day will be Round of 16: December 19th

Finals: Sunday December 19th 10am PDT | 1pm EDT | 7pm CET Streamed at:


🎉 Sponsors

MetaMoon.GG - Home of the Gods Unchained Deck Tracker

Community Gaming - Crypto Payout eSports Tournaments



1st: $125.00

2nd: $75.00

3rd: $45.00

4th: $35.00

5 - 8th: Each receive $15.00

9th - 16th: Each receive $10.00

17th - 32nd: Each receive $5.00

Top 32 Payout Payouts in USD equivalent MATIC

Top 64 Payout $250 split amongst the top 64 in ETH on IMX ($3.90 of USD equivalent ETH per player)

$50 raffled to a random participant who submits a match replay or live streams their matches during designated stream times for casting.

Submit via YouTube link to the #Replays channel in the MetaMoon.GG Discord



Q: What if I cannot play on the weekend ranked event on the 10th to the 12th?

A: You will have no seeding and will only be granted admittance if less than 128 players played on the weekend who registered, on a first come first serve basis.

Q: How do I find my opponent to play our matches?

A: There will be channels dedicated to your matchmaking group in the MetaMoon.GG Discord where you can arrange a time to play your games for each round.

Q: What if I can't play during the finals?

A: You will need to forfeit in the Round of 32 so that players who can play on stream are able to do so. We also would like to avoid players defaulting into top placements as it diminishes the competitive spirit of these tournaments.

Q: Do I have to stream if I'm in the finals?

A: Yes, If you're computer is capable of it we expect players to live stream the finals games. If you require help setting that up at that time, please reach out to Lion#0718 on Discord.

Reach out to Lion#0718 on Discord in the case of any payment issues.


Place Prize (USD) Name Team
1st $125
JKAN || Perion 🏳
2nd $75
Wispsi 🏳
3rd $45 DeVoTeD 🇨🇦
4th $35
[Sparta] Mocha 🇺🇸
5th-8th $15 Lampplank
5th-8th $15 ecomiwhaleoninstagram
5th-8th $15 [8M] Fakemews 🇺🇸
5th-8th $15
Doubtless 🏳
9th-16th $10 [Sparta] Frivers 🇬🇧
9th-16th $10
Disreputable 🇦🇺
9th-16th $10 [8M] Clutch 🇺🇸
9th-16th $10 doyle
9th-16th $10 Swallie 🇩🇪
9th-16th $10 Rally
9th-16th $10
JT 🇺🇸
9th-16th $10 G