Skirmish: Endless Falls hosted by Infinite Mana League

Over $10,000 in pack prizes in this community tournament!

[8M] saints
Infinite Mana Team Manager
November 26, 2023

Update Dec 4: Check in is LIVE!

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We're happy to be partnering with Gods Unchained to bring you Tides of Fate's fourth Skirmish, Endless Falls. As one of the premier community tournament organizers in GU, our goal is to bring the professionalism, fun, and spectator goodness of Infinite Mana League events to the broader Gods Unchained community!

Tournament Format: Draka vs. Sartonia

We want this to be a dramatic showdown, pitting the strongest Draka against the strongest Sartonia has to offer. But we also want this tournament to include as many people as possible, so we split the tournament into four different qualifiers. Each qualifier will yield 3 champions, culminating in a Final Showdown where six Draka face off against six Sartonians to determine the winning side.

UPDATE: TOURNAMENT REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED. If you didn't register yet, then stay tuned for future tournaments!

Draka Qualifier (EMEA - Rounds start at 5pm UTC)

Draka Qualifier (APAC - Rounds start at 11pm UTC)

Sartonian Qualifier (EMEA - Rounds start at 5pm UTC)

Sartonian Qualifier (APAC - Rounds start at 11pm UTC)

(You'll need to sign up for an account on to proceed with registration. This is so we can have your Discord username to coordinate tournament matches and your wallet address to send prizes. No Metamask/wallet connection is requested or needed.)

The Final Showdown

After several days of qualifiers, the 6 finalists from each faction will face off in a special 6v6 format. [8M] CopperPitch will captain the Draka team, while [8M] SamBam will captain the Sartonian team. Each captain will choose which finalist will represent which God in the Final Showdown, and all Gods will be represented. (CopperPitch and SamBam are also your tournament casters and won't be participating in the tournament)

Each matchup will consist of 2 games, resulting a total of 12 total games among all matchups. Each game contributes to each faction's score (2-0 is worth 2 points, 1-1 is worth 1 point, etc.), therefore it's possible for the final scoring to be 6-6, in which case the faction captains will nominate a single champion to compete in a single-game tie-breaker.

The showdown starts and will be livestreamed on December 9th, 6pm UTC


Onto the good part! The Gods Unchained team is generously sponsoring over $10,000 in Tides of Fate packs to contestants based on how far they make it in the qualifiers.

Placement Crystal Booster Packs Crystal Super Booster Packs
Ro128 2 0
Ro64 6 1
Ro32 8 2
Ro16 10 2
Ro8 16 4
4th Place 24 12
Finalist (Losing Faction) 24 16
Finalist (Winning Faction) 24 20

I've never played in a GU tournament, how does this work?

While is used for organizing registrations and showing you who your next opponent is, tournament announcements and matchmaking are handled via the Gods Unchained Official Discord, under the Tournaments category.

As long as you're in the tournament, you're expected to show up each day on time (see your individual tournament details for scheduling), pay attention to announcements, and coordinate your matches with your opponents. Coordinating your matches publicly in the matchmaking channel is necessary so that tournament administrators can rule in your favor if your opponent is a no-show and the round is about to end.

The easiest way to find your tournament opponent is to use our Tournament Status tool which will reveal your opponent's details once the tournament starts. Once you and your opponent are communicating, you can queue a Direct Challenge against each other using the code provided.

As you win each round, the tournament bracket will update and you'll be assigned a new opponent. If you are one of the 3 finalists in your qualifier, you'll be given special instructions on how to prepare for the Final Showdown.

In short, stay active in the Discord channels, show up on time each day, listen to announcements/admins, and be a gracious competitor!

More information can be found in each individual Tournament signup page. Good luck, mortal!


1. I don't know which Faction I selected, how do I find out?

Your game client will indicate your faction, for instance, this is a Sartonian lobby.

2. Can I change Factions?

Nope! You must stick with your faction. If we notice that you have signed up for multiple tournaments or signed up for the wrong faction, you may be disqualified from the event entirely.

3. Are there any deck restrictions, such as having to play Atlanteans if I'm on team Sartonia?

Nope! Play any deck you want, no matter which side you're on, as long as you don't play a Mythic-rarity card.

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