Introducing the Gods Unchained MMR Leaderboard

The GU ladder we've always wanted

[8M] saints
Infinite Mana Team Manager
May 02, 2023

First thing's first, view our GU MMR Leaderboard here

Inspired by last week's Council of Mortals meeting about the need for a better MMR system, I've created a long-running MMR leaderboard for competitive GU players to keep track of who is actually crushing it in Ranked Constructed.

Wait, doesn't GU already have an MMR system?

Yes, but it's flawed. The main problems with it are:

  • The fact that it resets weekly, offering zero incentive to grind during the week
  • The shield system is unintuitive and feelsbadman to players.
  • Its rating algorithm is, debatably, ineffective/inaccurate.
  • It's intended to provide a fair platform for players to compete for weekly prizes, whereas we don't have this constraint

The GU team has on multiple occasions acknowledged the need for a revamped system. However, one of the best things about Gods Unchained and Immutable's philosophy is that the community can and should be willing to step in and build on top of their ecosystem, whether it be marketplaces, tournaments, or rankings like ours.

How does it work?

Everyone who plays more than 30 Ranked Constructed games per month is automatically tracked. We implement a Glicko-2 rating system (i.e. used often in Chess, esports, etc.) modified to fit GU. If you are an expert with this sort of thing, I encourage you to reach out to help us make it better!

We are currently in "Season Beta" between March 1st to May 31st while we iron out bugs and refine our algorithm.

So what's next?

I mostly wanted to build this because Infinite Mana is comprised of competitive fiends at heart, but also because we like to host some of the biggest, most infamous tournaments, like our Infinite Mana League and our Player of the Year events. By creating a long-running MMR ladder, we can now create a seasonal event in which we invite the top 32 best ladder performers to compete for glory and cash winnings.

Assuming all goes according to plan, the first competitive ladder season will start after Season Beta ends in June. 3 months after that, the first season finalists will be determined and we'll host a tournament.

In short, there is now another layer of "play and earn" for the competitive GU community that exists outside of the weekend!

Additionally, we're hoping this gives players a reason to compete during the weekdays and give even F2P players a competitive outlet besides modified tournaments. Moving forward I'd like to implement a "whale score" for players on the leaderboard to showcase those who are rated high without access to all the cards and other similar ideas!

What's Infinite Mana?

I'm saints, team manager of GU's first esports organization, Infinite Mana, which you might recognize in-game as the team tag [8M]. Besides competing and creating lots of content, we host various GU rankings in addition to the MMR leaderboard and host tournaments as well. Read more about us at and join our Discord community with some of the most enthusiastic and competitive GU players around.

View our GU MMR Leaderboard here

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