Announcing Infinite Mana League S3: Gatekeepers

The Top 16 of MMR Rankings Season 1 berth into the Ro32

[8M] saints
Infinite Mana Team Manager
August 15, 2023

Let's get straight to the point: We're hosting a $1,000 tournament in September: Infinite Mana League Season 3: "Gatekeepers". Registration starts in a month, but don't worry, we'll remind everyone when it's time to register (join our Discord to make sure you don't miss anything!).

We're announcing this one early because of a few reasons, which you'll want to pay attention to if you're a Ranked Constructed grinder:

  1. It's a quiet period for GU, with the last open major tournament occuring in May.
  2. 8M has enjoyed a lot of success as of late and we want to share part of that with the community.
  3. Most importantly, 8M's MMR Ladder Season 1 finishes at the end of August, in which we are inviting the Top 16 players to join our tournament with an automatic berth into the top 32.

We mentioned we would do something like this at the start of the season, but this is your official 15-day notice to start grinding. The advantage of being berthed in is that you don't have to participate between rounds 256-64, and you are simply one round from making it in-the-money.

In order to qualify for the Top 16 of the MMR Rankings, you need to have a profile on filled out or there will be no way for us to get in contact with you (especially if your in-game name is ???). You'll know if your account is unlinked if an icon and flag doesn't appear next to your name in the rankings, such as with our ??? friend here:


To link your ranking with your profile, please send a message in the Infinite Mana Discord under the "account-verification" channel.

When the season ends, we'll make a best effort to reach out to the top 16, verify whether or not they want to participate, and they will be slotted into the Ro32 of the upcoming tournament.

This might've been a lot, so here are your relevant links:

  1. View the current MMR Rankings
  2. Join the 8M Discord
  3. Sign up and link your profile if you haven't already
  4. View the tournament details including schedule, prizing, and other bonuses.

A little bit about our MMR system:

We created our MMR Rankings to provide a longer-term view of who was performing best in Ranked Constructed without the drawback of a weekly reset (such as in GU's current ELO format). While we grant that it's not a perfect system, it's been useful to keep track of up-and-comers as well as give players another incentive to play Gods Unchained.

Feeling a bit behind on the rankings? The late stages of a season allow for the most movement since ratings are high but GU doesn't matchmake between ELO, but rather ranks (Mythic, Ethereal Diamond, etc.). A strong win streak can still help boost your MMR ranking.

A little bit about Superpower, the sponsor:

Superpower is a gaming consultancy that currently helps Gods Unchained balance test upcoming modes and content. Superpower is expanding to different games and is looking to hire gaming and tech talent. Apply at

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