Superb Owl IV

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This tournament was not originally hosted on Infinite Mana and the information presented might be inaccurate. If you were the tournament owner, get in touch if you'd like to make changes.

Min. Prize Pool: 1000.00 USD

Registration is open for the Superb Owl IV! GU's longest running annual GU tournament!

Timeline: Feb 9th-25th

Prize pool $1000

Bounty Prizes: Free stuff for beating 8M members!

Raffle prizes: Wheel spins every stream with a chance to win a Diamond Scepter of Artistry!

Tournament video submission raffle for a Diamond Scylla!

Cost $0 to watch streams you might get free stuff or might get the chance to complain you didnt get free stuff this is a win-win right?

If you dont like reading here is a video I get it reading is hard. This video is long also so you might need to get out your fidget spinner or whatever you zoomers are into these days.

How to enter: Step 1: register on challonge on the link below. Step 2: Join the Superb Owl IV discord and enter your player ID in the #enter-tournament section.

Link to tournament:

Link to discord:

Why is that good news you ask? Well, I know that if you're a citizen of reddit you are looking for something to complain about and this is another opportunity to exercise those complaining hands and type angry messages!

This tournament features 1 streamer donating $1000 back to the GU community. Citizens of Reddit it's your job to complain about how it's being distributed! Is it possible that it's not going directly to your pocket? Perhaps! Let everyone know about it! Maybe the tournament is rigged? I mean probably it is an election year in the USA after all.

If that's not enough to get you mad, then on our broadcasts for the tournament on we will be inviting tons of members from all around the GU community some of which you may not like. We even had some girls on last year, ewwwww cooties am I right?

Rules: No cards are banned, must win each game with a different god in each match (in B03 you must win with 2 different gods and the BO5 must be with 3 different). I tried to keep the rules as simple as possible but if this is too hard for you then you can complain.

More information is available in the discord if you decide to click enter the tournament.


Place Prize (USD) Name Team
1st $250 [8M] Clutch 🇺🇸
2nd $150
[8M] Nackarub 🇦🇺
3rd $100
GodHandGU 🇺🇸
4th $100
TCG|Zermatscher 🇩🇪
5th-8th $50 Kainu 🇮🇹
5th-8th $50 [8M] VilliBesti 🇮🇸
5th-8th $50
hangry_hippo 🇺🇸
5th-8th $50 ManeMcFly 🇩🇪
9th-16th $25 [GOAT] Darklov 🇨🇦
9th-16th $25 Aldous 🇲🇽
9th-16th $25 le_buzz 🇧🇬
9th-16th $25
obiwonshinobi 🇺🇸
9th-16th $25 [8M] SamBam 🇺🇸
9th-16th $25 [BGM] Bailian 🇧🇬
9th-16th $25 LawrenceofIdaho
9th-16th $25 JHu$tle 🇺🇸