Starter Decks Around the World

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This tournament was not originally hosted on Infinite Mana and the information presented might be inaccurate. If you were the tournament owner, get in touch if you'd like to make changes.

Min. Prize Pool: 1440.00 GODS (360 USD)


Starter Decks Around the World!


Each tournament will consist of groups of 4 players maximum each. (Pending, we might have to go through straight elimination, but group is our preferred choice)

Rounds will consist of 72hrs maximum per round. Automatic disqualifications will start thereafter to keep the tournament going. Players are allowed to play ahead if their opponents are ready.

Round 1

Round Robin: All players face others in their group in a best of 3. Top 2 from each group go onto the elimination stage.

We will use GUStake’s scoring system, but for tie breakers the best overall score wins. Each match will matter, in case of a tie, the person with the least amount of match losses will go through

Round 2

**Single Elimination - Best of 3.


War and Nature decks are banned. - Must win with 2 different Gods - Rares/Epics allowed. No legendaries - Welcome and Core set only - Don't need to submit decks in advance


Top 64 pay-out from Gods Unchained.

MetaBoy has also donated gift NFTs - see the list on our discord!

Amounts are published and can be found on our discord.

Here is the sign-up link:


Place Prize (USD) Name Team
1st $66 Gerold 🇦🇹
2nd $55
neverlucky777 🏳
3rd $33 DragonElite26
4th $22 Hidden Harry
5th-8th $9
SkateBors 🇵🇭
5th-8th $9 Jumpstart 🇺🇸
5th-8th $9
[GHALL] a[L]n 🇦🇺
5th-8th $9 [8M] hpain 🇺🇸
9th-16th $5 Mɒʞɒɿov
9th-16th $5
yungrises 🇺🇦
9th-16th $5 NickOfTime
9th-16th $5 Nakkun 🇻🇳
9th-16th $5
EvilHomer7 🇨🇦
9th-16th $5
antofa | XBorg 🏳
9th-16th $5 ra
9th-16th $5
vargaadi2004 🏳