PlayToEarn League 2022 #5

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This tournament was not originally hosted on Infinite Mana and the information presented might be inaccurate. If you were the tournament owner, get in touch if you'd like to make changes.

Min. Prize Pool: 1000.00 USD

Welcome to the PlaytoEarn League! This tournament is hosted by The tournament will be streamed live on Twitch:

⌚ When

Start Time - (Day 1): May 28nd, 2:00 PM Eastern Standard Time (GMT-5)

Check-in - One Hour Prior: 1:00 PM Eastern Standard Time (GMT-5)

Start Time (Day 2): May 29nd, 2:00 pm Eastern Standard Time (GMT-5)

🎮 Format

Day 1:

ROUND 1 - Top 128 - Best of 1

ROUND 2 - Top 64 - Best of 1

ROUND 3 - Top 32 - Best of 3

Day 2:

ROUND 4 - Top 16 - Best of 3 (win with 2 different gods)

ROUND 5 - Top 8 - Best of 3 (win with 2 different gods)

ROUND 6- Top 4 - Best of 3 (win with 2 different gods)

ROUND 7 - Finals - Best of 5 (win with 3 different gods)

All card sets are allowed.

Seeding for the bracket is randomized.

Follow our Discord #gods-unchained-announcements channel once the tournament day begins).

Bracket Schedule - Matches MUST be started during these times.

Day 1:

ROUND 1 - Top 128 - 2 PM EST - 3 PM EST (Best of 1)

ROUND 2 - Top 64 - 3 PM EST - 4 PM EST (Best of 1)

ROUND 3 - Top 32 - 4 PM EST - 5 PM EST (Best of 3)

Day 2:

ROUND 4 - Top 16 - 2 PM EST - 3 PM EST (Best of 3, win with 2 gods)

ROUND 5 - Top 8 - 3 PM EST - 4 PM EST (Best of 3, win with 2 gods)

ROUND 6 - Top 4 - 4 PM EST - 5 PM EST (Best of 3, win with 2 gods)

ROUND 7 - FINALS - 5 PM EST - 6 PM EST (Best of 5, win with 3 gods)

🏠 How to register

After creating a CommunityGaming account, click Join Tournament above. Join our Discord Server. We'll be coordinating matches in the #gods-unchained-tournaments channel and assisting players. Espada#5411 is the main admin to message with any questions.

Lastly, head to your Account Settings and add your Gods Unchained Player ID or GUDecks URL in the "Platform Links" tab. This will make it much easier to challenge your opponent the day of the tournament when we check into the Discord.

🏆 Prize Pool

1st: $500 USDC + 200 P2E Points

2nd: $250 USDC + 150 P2E Points

3rd: $150 USDC + 125 P2E Points

4th: $100 USDC + 100 P2E Points

5th - 8th: 100 P2E Points each

🏆 PlayToEarn League

PlayToEarn League 2022 Season 1 consists of 6-month monthly tournaments. Earn Leaderboard Points when you make it into the top 16 of our monthly tournaments. At the end of the season, the 16 players with the most points play in an additional season final tournament, which has a prize pool of $4,000!

1st: 5 Points

2nd: 4 Points

3rd - 4th: 3 Points

5th - 8th: 2 Points

9th - 16th: 1 Point

Season Leaderboard

⚠ Rules

Make sure to use the check-in function here on CommunityGaming which will become available 1 hour prior to the tournament start. If you haven't checked-in once the tournament starts, there is no way to check-in anymore and you will be disqualified.

Search for your opponent in our Discord channel #gods-unchained-tournaments if you can't reach them via Discord private message.

If you don't get a reply in a private message then ping them publicly in the #gods-unchained-tournaments channel to show us that you tried to initiate contact. If a match doesn't end up getting played before the respective deadline then anyone not being able to show they tried to contact their opponent in time will have to be disqualified unfortunately. Winner & Loser both need to report their match results to the CommunityGaming bracket, so the winner can continue with their next round. If you won without reporting your result then you will be disqualified.


The bracket will be viewable on this page after the tournament starts. Important updates and Round start times will be announced in our discord #gods-unchained-announcements channel. Players that haven't reported their match results before that point will be disqualified. Tournament payouts will be paid out on the Polygon network in USDC after the tournament ends. Make sure you have added your Ethereum address (which can also be used for Polygon) to your CommunityGaming account if you expect to make it to the Top 4. You can then withdraw your prize from your CG account. P2E points can be redeemed for NFTs and other prizes on the P2E Points page of You are encouraged to stream your matches and include "PlayToEarn League" in your stream title, as well as the round and opponent name (Ex. PlaytoEarn League - Top 256 - Espada vs sewlie). (Make sure to set your streaming delay to at least 6 minutes to avoid getting stream sniped by your opponent).

This tournament is hosted by


Place Prize (USD) Name Team
1st $500
[NVS] clecle 🇫🇷
2nd $250 iceysquid 🇨🇦
3rd $150 Kao | UPO 🇻🇳
4th $100 DeVoTeD 🇨🇦