Clash of Mortals #1

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This tournament was not originally hosted on Infinite Mana and the information presented might be inaccurate. If you were the tournament owner, get in touch if you'd like to make changes.

Min. Prize Pool: 1750.00 USD

Finals Live Stream: Sunday July 11 - 10am PDT | 1pm EDT | 7pm CET

🎮 Format

Best of 3 Matches. The finals Best of 5. One win per God.

Single Elimination Bracket.

CARD RESTRICTIONS - No Genesis, No Etherbots, No Promos (Only Welcome, Core, and Trials card sets are legal) Players found with Restricted Cards in their deck lists will GAME FORFEIT

🌱 Seeding

Seeding is going to be handled by taking your peak rating from the last 30 days of play. Only the top 128 players will be granted entry from the current registered and waitlist combined.

📅 Schedule

Rounds will begin at 12am PST

Round of 128: June 28th-30th

Round of 64: July 1-3

Round of 32: July 4-6

Round of 16: July 7-July 9

Finals: Sunday July 11 10am PDT | 1pm EDT | 7pm CET

🏆 $1150 PRIZE POOL Top 16 Payout

1st & 2nd payouts in USD equivalent ETH 3rd - 16th payouts in USD equivalent MATIC

1st: $300.00

2nd: $200.00

3rd: $125.00

4th: $95.00

5 - 8th: Each receive $40.00

9th - 16th: Each receive $15.00

Prediction Bracket: $150 total prize pool Breakdown TBA


Why is there no payout % for 1st and 2nd? That will be paid out in ETH on the ETH network separately from the CG smart contract.

Why do the payout figures not match the event description? This is a side effect of the multi chain payout system. We need to display the total prize pool of all prizes but enter the % break down for only the MATIC payouts. Refer to the event description, not the payout scheme page, for accurate figures.

The bracket will be viewable on this page after the tournament starts.

Tournament payouts will be paid out immediately after the tournament ends.

Reach out to Lion#0718 on Discord in the case of any payment issues.


Place Prize (USD) Name Team
1st $455
Doubtless 🏳
2nd $305 [NVS] Rachmanon 🇺🇸
3rd $155 dylteaz
4th $125 [Octo] v2 🇫🇷
5th-8th $70 alymere
5th-8th $70 Freezedown
5th-8th $70 Aldoc
5th-8th $70 TheProfesserf 🇺🇸
9th-16th $45 CopperPitch
9th-16th $45 [Octopus] Geno 🇫🇷
9th-16th $45 MochaTwist
9th-16th $45 [tst]cautionfun 🇺🇸
9th-16th $45 [tst]Mirage88 🇺🇸
9th-16th $45 IamBananaJoe
9th-16th $45 Krumpy Lumpkins 🇦🇺
9th-16th $45
[Sparta] syy 🏳