Winter Sale: Going Shopping With Sifu

Budget-friendly deals with GU market kingpin Sifu

[8M] Sifu
Infinite Mana Professional Player, Seat of the Arena
February 17, 2023

Whether you like it or not, Gods Unchained is the leading Web3 game, and its assets (cards) are heavily influenced by crypto markets. And it’s been pretty shit lately.

Everything is falling and a lot of the people that got into the game for investment reasons might be feeling the heat financially. It can be pretty rough seeing your collection value drop month after month as we get further into winter, but at least there are some highlights.

If you are one of the lucky few whales that still got capital to invest on the sideline or you're a new player that needs to build out your collection, now you can get a lot of the super strong Genesis cards at a hefty discount. For the last 3 months, prices have been dropping hard and even though nobody can say when that trend will reverse, the current prices might be an attractive price point for you.

Remember, Genesis - the first Gods Unchained set - will never be reprinted and will never rotate out. Therefore, a lot of people speculate (myself included) that it will appreciate more in value when/if we get a big boom in the player base. All my picks are very strong cards that see play now and in the past and are very likely to stay relevant in the future. I have tried to pick affordable cards that even if you’re on a budget, you can afford.

When an archetype is not popular the relevant cards will naturally drop in price. This is the case for Magic as you’ll see a lot of Magic cards on this list. Magic has been suffering lately and is having a hard time finding a place to fit in with all the aggro War around. That gives us some golden opportunities to get all the strong Magic cards at crazy discounts while nobody wants to play it. At some point, the meta will change and Magic will be popular again and then it’s probably a good time to sell off a few duplicates you picked up. That’s also why you see no War cards on this list. It’s the top dog right now and therefore you won’t find the best deals in that God domain.

From Least expensive to most, top picks to add to your collection during crypto Winter:

Flying Carpet - Price as of this writing $0.62, down 65% last 3 months


A really strong card that is mostly played in aggro/burn Mage. It would for sure be played in War or Light if it was available. The Ward effect will give you tempo over classes that need to ping it and will most likely at least do 3-face damage. It’s also a strong 1-drop to include in your Portal Wrangler-OTK deck since you got the foresee option. At this super low price, it’s an easy pick-up.

Sleep Dart - Price as of this writing $0.89, down 47% last 3 months


This card fits well in Sleep Deception and Mill Deception which are far from popular at the moment. However, they are decks that will surely stick around and be relevant from time to time. Strong removal that can be played in multiple decks at this price? I like it.

Holy Writ - Price as of this writing $0.94, down 52% last 3 months


This card sees some play as a one-off in aggro Light. Get this off on just 2-3 minions and they become really sticky so you have a chance of buffing them further next turn. As mentioned above, when all the aggro players moved on to aggro War, this is probably a good time to pick up the deals from other domains.

Dangerous Ritual - Price as of this writing $1.43, down 44% last 3 months


A very strong card that can fit into multiple archetypes of Death. It currently sees play in Heirloom Death, but also fits in OTK-Zombies and will likely see play in some kind of Suicide-Death list in the future.

Shadow Scryer - Price as of this writing $1.98, down 41% last 3 months


Scryer is contending for the best 1-drop in the game alongside Marsh Walker. Just imagine this card in any board-centric aggro deck. It would be nuts. Remember when Vexing Vicar had frontline and it was super OP? Well, Scryer is just a better pre-nerf Vicar. Insane card.

Wind-Up Roller - Price as of this writing $2.43, down 41% last 3 months


A good cycle card that sees play in Board Wipe Death and certain combo decks like Wisp-Nature. Being a neutral card makes it very versatile and drawing is always relevant. Good card to have in your collection.

Canonize - Price as of this writing $2.97, down 47% last 3 months


The same as Holy Writ, a strong buff card that is on sale because aggro Light is not popular. If you have board and curve into this card, you’re one happy aggro player.

Iron-Tooth Goblin - Price as of this writing $3.23, down 44% last 3 months


This card is probably one of the most essential Genesis cards to have in your collection. It’s neutral and one of the best relic hate cards in the game. You play it in any control deck when the meta favors it.

Reflection Elementalist - Price as of this writing $13, down 46% last 3 months


Before aggro War started rudely clubbing everybody, this card saw a lot of play in Deception (both aggro and control). It also fits in any wide aggro deck and can be a great counter in tournaments to certain control decks. It’s not popular right now and the price reflects (huehuehue) that.

Ancient Texts - Price as of this writing $16.76, down 40% last 3 months


This is a must-have card if you want to play a competitive Card Draw Magic list. Also sees play in School Teacher-OTK and Form of Unity-OTK. It’s a bit pricey but it’s one of those OP genesis cards that is just on another power level. With Magic being so unpopular, it’s very cheap right now.

Highborn Knight - Price as of this writing $113, down -35% last 3 months


Okay, this is not cheap you might think. A card that is above 100 bucks is just nuts. And yea, it’s a lot of money. But if you can afford it, you’ll need this card at some point if you want to be competitive in GU at the top level. Let me break it down. First off, it’s the best 4-drop in the game, period. You auto-include it in your aggro and control lists. The only place it doesn’t fit in is in combo decks. It’s so strong that if it was a neutral, all Gods would put 2x copies into all their aggro and control lists. Probably with no exception.

That’s it for now. Hopefully, we’ll soon be over this crypto Winter. If we enter another crypto bull run and GU got mobile release out by then, things might go wild. What happens if we have 100.000 active players (10x from now) but the same amount of Highborn Knights? I know where I’m putting some of my coins. Only time will tell if that makes me wise or foolish.

Disclaimer: I own all these cards.

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