Top 10 Band of the Wolf Cards by Win Rate

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[8M] SamBam
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May 04, 2023

Top 10 Band of the Wolf Cards by Win Rate

The release of a new set is always an exciting time for players and collectors alike. With new cards come new strategies, combinations, and possibilities. In this article, we will be taking a look at the top 10 Band of the Wolf Cards with the Highest win rate over every rank!

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10th Place

Argus, The White Wall with a 52.3% win rate over 31.1k Matches! Sitting at $6.62 this 3 mana 4/1 Olympian reads “ Frontline. Armor 1. After a different friendly creature’s maximum health increases, this creature gains the same amount of health.” If you are able to establish board early and pair Argus, The White Wall with Blind Martyr, Humble Benefactor or Holy Writ you can snowball your way to an early win. Although the low cost of 3 mana puts him in range of Curse of Greed, Eva, Baroness of the Dead and The Reinnapper. This card is very strong if you are ahead on board, but very weak from behind.

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9th Place

Reios, The Old Wolf with a 52.4% win rate over 33.2k Matches! Sitting at $9.53 this 5 mana 4/5 Olympian reads “Blitz. After this creature attacks and destroys another creature, give that creature’s strength and health to a random Olympian in your hand.” Even after the recent nerf, I still consider this to be one of the strongest cards in the set! Interacting with the board from hand and at the same time buffing cards in your hand will swing games. Easily paired with Wolf-Cult Vanguard and White Fur Guard, Reios, The Old Wolf will be a staple in War for the foreseeable future.

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8th Place

Beastfury Protege with a 52.5% win rate over 24k Matches! Sitting at $0.07 this 3/2 Amazon reads “Ally: Summon a 1/1 Spirit Hound.” Paired with other low cost Amazons like Barksworn Trailmarker, Nightleaf Warrior and Sanctum Guardian can allow you to get very wide and take board early. Although the Spirit Hound is “wild”, the 1/1 bodies are easy to generate and great for trading. I really like the card and feel like it will be an Aggro Amazon staple.

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7th Place

Fae Thornblade with a 52.8% over 13.5k Matches sitting 2.92$. This 3 mana 2/4 Amazon reads “Ally: Deal 1 damage.” Although the 3 mana 2/4 statline is underwhelming, the Ally mechanic can be strong and fairly consistent. Pair with Divya, The Deadly Serenade, allows Fae Thornblade to shine and gives the Amazon tribe the Reach needed to close out games in later rounds.

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6th Place

Chira, The Spiritspeaker with a 53.2% win rate over 24k Matches sitting at $14.58. This 3 mana 1/3 Death Legendary has backline and the "Ally" keyword. The text reads "Target an enemy creature. Your god takes damage equal to that creature's health. Destroy that creature." For every nether you play on your turn after Chira is on the board you can destroy an enemy creature! This can be very strong although the downside of losing health equal to the creature's health can be a big set back in certain situations.

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5th Place

Perseverance with a 53.5% win rate over 53.6k Matches sitting at $0.90! This 4 mana Death Spell is extremely powerful! The text reads "Summon three 1/1 Zombies to attack an enemy creature. If a Zombie summoned this way is destroyed, summon another Zombie." This is a fantastic Anti Aggro card, You can Remove a creature, heal for 3 and establish board presence! After being nerfed you can no longer target your opponent's face. This is still an extremely high value card, It will be played in aggro, combo and control nether lists. It synergizes very well with Corpse Explosion, Necroscepter, Chira, The Spiritspeaker and Netherswarm Lord.

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4th Place

Blighted Scion with a 53.8% win rate over 69.8k Matches sitting at $0.33. This 2 mana neutral amazon is very strong and can be used in every aggro deck. It is very sticky, with its afterlife "summon a 1/1 amazon recruit" can allow favorable trades with almost every 2 drops in the game. You're essentially getting 7 points of stats for 2 mana, which is very high! Another monster 2 mana creature added to the aggro arsenal.

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3rd Place

Eiko, Undaunted Duelist with a 54.4% win rate over 63..4k Matches sitting at $139.78. This 4 mana Neutral Legendary reads "Protected. Roar: Destroy your opponent's relic. Ability: Deal this creature's strength as damage." Eiko is definitely in my Top 10! 4 mana is expensive relic hate, but she has high attack, protected and is a damage ability card. Eiko can attack around frontline, she can attack while ordered and doesn't need to break protected to attack other creatures. I personally really like the card and run it in my Control Decks.

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2nd Place

Hortuk, Fallen Commander with a 54.5% win rate over 56.1k Matches sitting at $137.98. This 7 mana Neutral Legendary reads "Roar: Pick one - Gain blitz and protected or Gain frontline and leech. Summon two 3/3 Fallen Legions with the Keywords not picked." Very strong! If Hortuk gets Leech and frontline the 2 3/3 Fallen Legions get protected and blitz or vice versa. 22 points of stats with blitz, leech and frontline extremely solid card! Situationally better than Thaeriel, The Fallen. This is definitely in my top 10!

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1st Place

Divya, The Deadly Serenade with a 54.6% win rate over 14.5k Matches sitting at $7.35. This 5 mana 4/5 Amazon reads “After a differently named friendly Amazon deals damage, deal 2 damage to the same target.” Paired with Fae Thornblade or Canopy Sniper, Divya, The Deadly Serenade provides a “comeback mechanic” as well as the Reach amazons have been sorely lacking. I was personally surprised to see this in the #1 spot, that being said I like the card design. It doesn’t feel oppressive and gives Amazons a few more outs to help close out games. Fwiw It by far has the most formidable audio clip when entering the board.

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