Sifu's Priority BotW Cards to Add ASAP

The high-priority cards you should have in your collection

[8M] Sifu
Infinite Mana Pro Player
June 19, 2023

Fellow GU gamer, if you’re still around I salute you. Our bottoms are sore from the continued market spanking and even our moms are embarrassed about our life decisions. Everybody is mad and a lot of people are selling their collections. Card prices have tanked and I would rather hang out with my mother-in-law than in the GU-Discord balance channel from all the incel trolls that like to rage there.

“Be fearful when others are greedy, and greedy when others are fearful.” - a really rich dude

Disclaimer: I’m a terrible person to listen to financial advice from. My collection value drops faster than GU can introduce new bugs. Oh, and this is not financial advice lol.

But if you’re a believer like me, this presents a potential huge buying opportunity. Let’s take a look at some catalysts for card prices booming:

  • New game mode (coming this year)
  • Mobile release (alpha this year)
  • Crypto bull market (who the fuck knows)

So when you see everybody panicking in the midst of the crypto bear market and card prices being in the dumpster, I lick my wounds and get back to DCA on AQUA’s marketplace. Can you imagine what would happen if those 3 catalysts happened around the same time? Holy fuck. #hopium.

With that said, remember that it can all go to zero. Be safe and make sure you can recover if that happens.

The newest mini-set, Band of the Wolf, has not been out long and with a very limited print and with a good powerlevel, it’s a great place to start adding to your collection (especially the shadow versions if you want to be fancy).

Here is the list of cards I would want to prioritize owning as the meta evolves and new sets are printed.

From most important to least, Sifu’s BotW must have:


  1. Ember Oni

I’m considering the price and therefore baby Demorgogan is taking the first spot. Finally, the Free-to-Play (F2P) players have something to help them play control decks. If Demogorgans are out of your price range, Ember Oni is a great substitute that in many situations is better than Demo. Overall powerlevel is a bit lower, but considering how good Demogorgans are, it’s a really good control card. Neutral heal was what F2P needed so that especially control Deception and Magic can survive the face slamming from aggro. Pick it up at these great prices.


  1. Eiko, Undaunted Duelist

Eiko and Hortuk were a close call for the second spot. They are both chase legendaries with a powerlevel a good amount over the rest of the set. They are both really strong and can be played in pretty much everything non-combo. However, they are pricey. Therefore, Eiko barely takes spot #2 over Hortuk since it’s almost half the price. If they had been similarly priced, Hortuk would have won, since I think he is a bit stronger.

Eiko is a great card. Normally you tech relic removal to help certain matchups, but finally we have a relic removal card that’s decent even if your opponent is not playing relics. Works especially great in control, but can be fit into most aggro lists as well.


  1. Hortuk, Fallen Commander

This bad boy almost gives Thaerial a run for his money. Okay not really, but that’s just because of how insanely strong Thaerial is. Hortuk clears one big thing or 2 small things and leaves a shit ton of stats on the board. And they are quite awkward to get rid of. Even the best board clear in the game (Unbound Flame) can’t clear without ping. Incredible value + tempo. The only reason why he didn’t affect the meta more, is that we already have a lot of very strong 7-drops.


  1. Perseverance

This card made control Death one of the best decks in the game. It’s super strong that you can clear a minion, heal and get some kind of board present (that will most likely heal you more when cleared). This is all cDeath wants. The time to get to the heavy board clears at 6- and 7-mana. If that wasn't good enough, the zombies you spawn are nethers which go perfectly with Corpse Explosion (CE). So at 9-mana, you are threatening Perseverance and CE. That means your opponent needs to always have your board cleared from any other Nethers. Something that can be quite taxing if you have Necroscepter equipped. That means, it doesn’t just work well in control but also in aggro death, midrange, Anubians (with Skull Scepter). Just a really good strong card.


  1. Wolf Recruits/Village Vendor/Ashen Child

Have you been following all the drama about Olympian War? If you haven’t, lucky you. Basically, through some balance patches, they went from super OP, to bad, to OP and are now probably fairly balanced. All these cards are cheap and they enable a whole new archetype. If you like playing midrange War. Pick them up for sure.


  1. Reios, The Old Wolf

I didn’t add Reios to the above package because he is a bit more pricy. He is not needed in Olympian War if you want a cheap good deck outside of Mythic. But at the same time, he is really good, so if you want to play Olympian War at the top of ladder, you’ll need him.


  1. Chira, The Spiritspeaker

Chira is one of the non-chase BotW legendaries. If you like playing Death, you should have her in your collection. Tip: She combos well with Perseverance. At 7-mana, those 2 cards are a board clear that fills your board as well. It will cost you a good amount of health, but often that is not a problem for control Death.


  1. Bitter Endings

BE has been nerfed a good amount. However, it’s still a super fun, interesting, and powerful card. If you like hard decks to pilot this card should be on your wish list.


  1. Gama, Lord of Berries

This card is interesting. I have heard of a lot of people saying it’s weak, but I think it’s actually pretty good. It can fit into both aggro, midrange and control Deception, and allows for a decent amount of cool decision making.


  1. Poison Dart

    This card was a great addition to Control Nature. Taking away some of all the yolo randomness from Nature helps. It’s cheap and already played. Get some.


  1. Arcane Fabrication

Another cheap rare that already sees some play with The Divine Coronet. If you don’t have the Coconut, it’s pretty unplayable, but could still be strong in the future with new interesting Structures.


  1. Aegis of the Innocent

A strong relic with a unique effect. It hasn’t really found a home yet but it has possibilities both in Olympian Light and control Light. Also, a good tech option if ladder is full of stuff like CDM or Anubians.

The rest you can pretty much pick up from daily P&E income. I would collect them all since nothing is super garbage and they all have the potential to see some kind of play in the future. At these prices, a few months of grinding daily P&E should do it. If you have some kind of favorite God/deck, of course, prioritize that. Good luck friend.

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