High-Priority Mortal Judgement Cards to Buy

Must-have cards for your collection

[8M] Sifu
Infinite Mana Pro Player, Seat of the Arena
November 23, 2022

Are you a new Gods Unchained player that’s trying to build your collection? In this article, I’ll go over the cards in the newest set, Mortal Judgement, and tell you which ones you should prioritize adding to your collection so that you’ll be ready for the coming expansions with the most options for your deck building.

If you’re brand new, and just trying to build one strong deck, wait a bit with this guide and come back when your main deck is ready. However, a lot of people make the mistake of just having one deck in the long run, and as soon as the meta changes or cards get buffed/nerfed, their main deck (cough Anubians cough) sucks. They start reading Karl Max and hang out in the GU balance channel while raging about how life is unfair. Don’t be that guy.

So after you have one good deck, start building out your collection. You want to be nimble and play if not the best becks, at least strong decks. Besides being able to keep up with the meta, you’ll become a better player overall by getting experience from different God domains.

If you’re F2P (free to play) and don’t want to invest a bunch of money, you can still get a good amount of cards. You want to start building out your collection with Mortal Judgement since all the card prices are relatively cheap.

We are going through a crypto winter and it’s also affecting blockchain games like Gods Unchained. The player base is stagnating both from market issues, but also because of successful bot banning. Basic supply and demand work here as well, and there are way too many cards minted for the current player base. It’s not great for the current whales, but it’s great for you as you can build your MJ collection for pennies on the dollar.

If I had to build out my collection, these are the MJ cards I would start with, cheap, strong, and playable for a long time. Note: this set is not locked for balancing meaning that some of the cards might be nerfed/changed in the future. In the following list, when I say “sees play” or “popular”, I’m referring to Mythic and not what oddities are happening in Solar Gold.

From the cheapest to the most expensive, top MJ-cards:

Theoretical Thaumaturge

Current Price: $0.02

Why: Currently the cheapest card that sees a bit of play. Decent way to stall in control magic while also having some combo synergies with the echo and 1/1-stat line. At this price, you have to pick it up.

Reject Dogma

Current Price: $0.02

Why: Good cycle card for combo Magic decks (which is the likely domain to play combo).

Barksworn Hunter

Current Price: $0.03

Why: A fairly strong card that fits well into control-Nature. Already sees some play in Mythic.

Lethargy Mage

Current Price: $0.06

Why: Strong effect that fits well in midrange/control deception. Very competitive card.

Penumbra Howler

Current Price: $0.07

Why: Strong card in midrange nature. The archetype is crap right now but has potential.

Bifurcating Curse

Current Price: $0.08

Why: Very strong board clear. See plays in a lot of Death lists. Especially popular in BWD (Board Wipe Death).

Pharaoh's Heirloom

Current Price: $0.08

Why: A stable in Heirloom Death lists. The deck is not great right now but can be good in certain metas or a tournament setting.

Bound by Her Will

Current Price: $0.08

Why: Very popular card in control deception. Almost all lists run at least one copy.

Spellslinging Schoolteacher

Current Price: $0.09

Why: The main card in an OTK-combo deck that sees some play.

Savage Strike

Current Price: $0.09

Why: Super strong control-War card. All decks run two copies.


Current Price: $0.09

Why: Great card in relic war which relies on Unstrained Power.

Blade Borrower

Current Price: $0.09

Why: Stable in control/midrange Deception. Synergies with Umber Arrow and Bound By Her Will.

Humble Benefactor

Current Price: $0.10

Why: Decent option for aggro Light. I often have a hard time fitting it in, but if you run Thestor it’s fairly strong.

Academy Apprentice

Current Price: $0.10

Why: Super strong card in CDM (Card Draw Magic), and also viable in some OTK-decks.

Unrestrained Power

Current Price: $0.10

Why: This card creates the archetype Relic War. It’s a good deck to be able to run in a tournament setting. Currently on ladder, not so much.


Current Price: $0.10

Why: Meta-depending card. If it’s popular to interact with your void, this card becomes a must-run for all control decks. You’ll just need one copy.

Sneaky Bruiser

Current Price: $0.10

Why: Strong face damage card that fits in HRD and aggro War. Synergies with Sole Survivor.

Frenetic Bibliomaniac

Current Price: $0.11

Why: Strong card in CDM since synergizes with Oni Spellsword, and is also viable in control magic.

Arms Dealer

Current Price: $0.11

Why: Played in most HRD lists.

Eucos in Eclipse

Current Price: $0.12

Why: HRD worst nightmare and a must-have for any control Light list. Slows early aggression down a lot so you can survive until your 7-drops.

Wolf-Cult Vanguard

Current Price: $0.13

Why: Together with Savage Strike, this is an auto-include in any control War. Also sees play in midrange War.


Current Price: $0.15

Why: A very strong card that will probably break the meta in the future. Insanely strong with Martyr of Whiteplane synergy.

Land of the Dead

Current Price: $0.16

Why: One of the main cards in Heirloom Death that enables 15+ face-damage combos.

Curse of Greed

Current Price: $0.17

Why: An auto-include in Heirloom Death but also viable in Zombie-Death and BWD-lists where you can play it without the empower enabled as a normal removal.

Inescapable Duty

Current Price: $0.24

Why: One of the main cards in control Light. Running one or two copies is debatable.

Over the Line

Current Price: $0.29

Why: Main card in the combo list Rockdrake-Death. Also sees play in Zombie-Death. I have personally been lobbying for a nerf to this card but so far without success.

Reach into the Black

Current Price: $0.53

Why: Another auto-include in Heirloom Death. Synergises with Skull Scepter.

Vesper of Concession

Current Price: $0.74

Why: Strong card in both aggro and control Light. It depends on the meta if it’s worth running or Iron-tooth Goblin instead. You’ll just need one copy.

Crystaltech Scholar

Current Price: $0.92

Why: Strongest ramp card to date. Auto-include in control Magic.

Skollkin Valkyrie

Current Price: $0.93

Why: One of the cards that made aggro War popular again. The best 1-drop when going first as aggro.

Thaeric Extortionist

Current Price: $1.38

Why: Slightly better than Light’s Levy in most cases. Auto-include in both aggro and control Light.

Encumbered Looter

Current Price: $1.69

Why: Fits in a lot of different archetypes as face damage and cycle. Most popular in Hidden Rush Deception.

Unbound Flames

Current Price: $1.71

Why: Arguably best board clear in the game. Only rivaled by Apocalypse Now which is almost 100x more expensive. Got even better with the latest Magic card - Pyrrhic Knowledge.

Kaya, Conduit of the Gods

Current Price: $6.53

Why: Strong neutral card that can fit into a lot of decks. I like it most in control Light and control Magic.

These cards together should give you a decent starting point together with Core and Welcome cards, to build decks from different domains and archetypes. Are there other strong MJ cards like Dagan, the Dawn Wolf? Yes, but I have tried to value price and flexibility in my picks so that you get the most bang for your buck as you expand your collection.

All in all, you should be able to collect this entire list for under $50 which is possible as a F2P player with some months of grinding. Good luck fellow nerd.

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