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Qualifier winners and final showdown details

[8M] saints
Infinite Mana Team Manager
December 04, 2023

Edit: Final Update

Team Draka prevails! Scoring 7-6 against Team Sartonia in a nailbiter that went all the way to the tiebreaker!

The Final Showdown

After several days of qualifiers, the 6 finalists from each faction will face off in a special team 6v6 format. Casters [8M] CopperPitch and [8M] SamBam will captain the Draka and Sartonian teams, respectively. Each captain will choose which finalist will represent which God in the Final Showdown, and all Gods will be represented.

Each matchup will consist of 2 games, resulting a total of 12 total games among all matchups. Each game contributes to each faction's score (2-0 is worth 2 points, 1-1 is worth 1 point, etc.), therefore it's possible for the final scoring to be 6-6, in which case the faction captains will nominate a single champion to compete in a single-game tie-breaker.

The faction with the most points at the end of the 6v6 will be the skirmish winner!

All Finalists:


  1. Mepo2000 (EMEA)
  2. cilium | XBorg (EMEA)
  3. Urbellum (EMEA)
  4. iceysquid (APAC)
  5. hangry_hippo (APAC)
  6. Aldous (APAC)


  1. Moonshard (EMEA)
  2. Shushu (EMEA)
  3. [8M] Nackarub (EMEA)
  4. Strayace (APAC)
  5. TheProfesserf (APAC)
  6. Teatime (APAC)


(Draka on left, Sartonians on right)

Match 1 (2-0): Mepo2000 (Magic) vs. TheProfesserf (Nature)

Match 2 (1-1): hangry_hippo (Death) vs. Moonshard (Death)

Match 3 (1-1): Aldous (Nature) vs. Strayace (Deception)

Match 4 (1-1): iceysquid (Deception) vs. Shushu (Magic)

Match 5 (0-2): Urbellum (Light) vs. [8M] Nackarub (Light)

Match 6 (1-1): cilium | XBorg (War) vs. Teatime (War)

Match 7 Tie-breaker (1-0): Mepo2000 (Magic) vs. [8M] Nackarub (Light)


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